University of Ottawa

Karin Hinzer

  • New materials
  • High efficiency light sources and light detectors
  • Solar cells and modules
  • New electrical grid architectures and voltage converters

Melike Erol-Kantarci

        • 5G and beyond wireless networks, wireless sensor networks
        • Smart grid
        • Cyber-physical systems, Internet of things
        • Electrical vehicles

Joan Haysom

  • Precision modeling and assessment of in-field PV system performance, including solar resource accuracy, bifacial module advantages, snow losses, and degradation
  • Grid planning for distributed energy resources, net zero energy and net zero carbon communities 
  • Renewable energy technology and economic assessments

Jacob Krich

      • Intermediate band solar cells, nanowire solar cells
      • Phototransducers, IR photodetectors
      • Theoretical condensed matter physics
      • Nonlinear spectroscopy of photosynthetic systems

Henry Schriemer

  • Photovoltaic systems:  CPV, bifacial, etc.
  • Smart grid and grid edge technologies: distributed energy resources, transactive energy, energy management
  • Complex engineered systems

David Wright

      • Capital cost trends in photovoltaics
      • Identification of situations in which PV and CPV have high rate of return on investment.
      • Use of electric vehicle batteries in solar microgrids.



McMaster University

Rafael Kleiman

  • Silicon-based multi-junction technology
  • Ultra-thin solar cells
  • Defect characterization
  • Advanced solar cell characterization

Ray LaPierre

  • III-V nanowires
  • Molecular beam epitaxy
  • Applications in photovoltaics, photodetectors and quantum information


Université de Sherbrooke

Vincent Aimez

      • Micro/nano-fabrication techniques
      • Realization of integrated photonic devices for telecommunication and biosensing devices


Simon Fafard

  • III-V semiconductor epitaxy
  • Heterostructures
  • Optoelectronic devices
  • Nanostructures