Ray LaPierre is a Professor and Chair in the Engineering Physics Department at McMaster University. He attended Dalhousie University where he obtained a BSc degree in Physics in 1992. He then completed his MEng degree in 1994 and PhD degree in 1997 in the Engineering Physics Department at McMaster University. His graduate work involved development of molecular beam epitaxy of compound semiconductor alloys for laser diodes in telecom applications. Upon completion of his graduate work in 1997, he joined JDS Uniphase (Ottawa, Ontario) where he developed dielectric coatings for wavelength division multiplexing devices. In 2004, he rejoined McMaster University as an Assistant Professor in the Engineering Physics Department. His research interests are focused on III-V nanowires, molecular beam epitaxy, and applications in photovoltaics, photodetectors and quantum information processing. He has over 98 publications, 50 invited presentations, and 138 conference presentations related to semiconductor nanowires. He is also a Board Member of the journal Nanotechnology and Nano Futures.