The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program titled “Training in Optoelectronics for Power: from Science and Engineering to Technology” (NSERC CREATE TOP-SET) is a training program that aims to form a cohort of highly qualified personnel with comprehensive understanding of optoelectronic systems, capable of joining advanced R&D teams. This program is a collaboration between the University of Ottawa, the Université de Sherbrooke and McMaster University. In addition to their normal coursework and research, NSERC CREATE TOP-SET students benefit from regular seminars, a series of advanced summer schools as well as travel to other NSERC CREATE TOP-SET universities for handson interdisciplinary activities as work dictates. Internships at leading national and international academic, government and industrial institutions are available.

2017: May 1-3, CPV-13 (University of Ottawa)
2018: May 29-31, Summer School on high-efficiency photovoltaics (University of Ottawa)
2019: July 8-12, Summer School as part of the 19th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices (University of Ottawa)
2020: July 7-10, Online Summer School (Université de Sherbrooke)
2021: Summer School on photovoltaic systems and measurement (University of Ottawa)
2022: Summer School on hands-on fabrication of GaAs solar cell (McMaster University)

Annual Challenges for small teams will be set each year by TOP-SET faculty. Topics will be announced at each summer school and reported on at the next. Read news about our first and second Annual Challenges.

Graduate Studies Courses – New at the University of Ottawa (English only)
ELG 7187: Information and Communication Systems for Smart Cities
ELG 7187: Communications and Networking for Intelligent Physical Systems

Travel Funding

NSERC CREATE TOP-SET graduate trainees funded by the program may be eligible for a TOP-SET travel stipend.  Trainees should contact their supervisor for more information. For information regarding other travel funding opportunities, click here.