Hanan Anis (University of Ottawa) Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Founded the uOttawa Engineering Entrepreneurship program and will coordinate its integration with the NSERC CREATE TOP-SET program.

Richard Arès (Université de Sherbrooke) Professor, department of Mechanical Engineering. Semiconductor nanomaterials, advanced epitaxy, microfabrication, photonic devices.

Gilbert Arbez (University of Ottawa) Teaching Associate, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Real-time control systems, device models.

Andreas Bett (Fraunhofer, Germany) Deputy Director, Institute for Solar Energy. World-wide authority and pioneer in III-V technologies.

Abderraouf Boucherif (Université de Sherbrooke) Professeur adjoint. Nanomaterials, microelectromechanical systems.

Maxime Darnon (Université de Sherbrooke, CNRS) Professeur associé. Solar cell fabrication.

Christian Gueymard (Solar Consulting Services, Florida) President. Authority in solar resource modeling and metrology.

Trevor Hall (University of Ottawa) Professor. ICT, photonic networks & switches, photovoltaics, complex system dynamics and control.

Pawel Hawrylak (University of Ottawa) Professor, department of Physics. Theoretical condensed matter physics; quantum theory of low-dimensional semiconductors; graphene; quantum information.

Mohamed Ibnkahla (Carleton University) Professor and Cisco Industrial Research Chair on Internet of Things, department of Systems and Computer Engineering. Smart everything (networks, sensors, homes, grids, cities, transport, retail, logistics).

Adina Luican-Mayer (University of Ottawa) Assistant Professor, department of Physics. Nano- and low-dimension materials.

Antonio Marti (IES-UPM, Spain) Professor. World expert in intermediate band solar cells.

Denis Masson (Broadcom, Canada) III-V phototransducers industrialist (Nortel, Cyrium).

Hussein Mouftah (University of Ottawa) Distinguished University Professor and Canada Research Chair in Wireless Sensor Networks. Photonics, networks.

Yves Poissant (Natural Resources Canada, Varennes) Photovoltaic Technology Specialist. Canadian authority in solar energy.

Kevin Schulte (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, United State) Scientist on high efficiency III-V MJPV cell development at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Rao Tatavarti (Microlink Devices, United States) Technical Director. Authority in III-V compound semiconductor devices for solar energy.

Philippe Voarino (CEA-LITEN) Engineer and Project Manager.  High-efficiency PV devices.

Alexandre Walker (National Research Council Canada) Research Officer. Optoelectronic device measurement, modeling and design.

Xiaoyu Wang (Carleton University) Associate Professor, department of Electronics. Power system analysis, integration of renewable and distributed energy resources, power quality, power system real-time simulation, smart grids.