Rafael Kleiman is a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Engineering Physics at McMaster University and the Director of the Laboratory for Advanced Photovoltaic Research. He was the Director of the Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT) from 2004-2015 and the Scientific Director of the NSERC Photovoltaic Innovation Network from 2009-2015. He founded the Canadian Photovoltaics Conference in 2010, bringing together the Canadian photovoltaic research community annually.

Dr. Kleiman received his PhD from Cornell University, studying heavy fermion superconductivity under the supervision of Prof. David Lee and Dr. David Bishop. After graduating, he worked at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ for 11 years on next-generation semiconductor devices.

Dr. Kleiman’s current research program focuses on the development of advanced photovoltaic devices for lower-cost higher-efficiency solar cell applications. His photovoltaic research interests are in silicon-based multi-junction technology, ultra-thin single-crystal silicon solar cells, vehicle-integrated photovoltaics, defect characterization and advanced solar cell characterization.