Vincent Aimez is currently Vice-President Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer at the Université de Sherbrooke. A professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, he is the co-founder and deputy-director of the CNRS UMI-3463 “Laboratoire Nanotechnologies et Nanosystemes (LN2)”, a joint CNRS unit built on a bilateral basis between France and Canada in the field of applied nanotechnologies, enhancing unique collaboration opportunities between Europe and Canada. LN2 research activities are developed in close collaboration with industry and in particular has established a joint laboratory with ST Microelectronics. Over the last 3 years, he has been an invited professor at universities in France (Rhone-Alpes).

Dr. Aimez has been director of scientific partnerships with the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Center (C2MI), Bromont, QC. Forming a unique and vital link between academic research and industry needs, the C2MI environment lays the foundation for research and product development for all market segments.

Dr. Aimez is a founding member of the 3IT.nano research center (formerly “CRN2”) at the Université de Sherbrooke , a leading nano-fabrication laboratory in Canada, where he set up rapid prototyping capabilities for optoelectronics device micro-nanonanofabrication. Over the last few years, he has established three main material processing chains with hybrid photonic devices based on GaAs/InP III–V heterostructures, concentrated photovoltaic cells (CPV),
and GaN electronic and photonic devices, namely, high-power transistors and high-ef?ciency LEDs. In collaboration with a network of CPV industrials and other academic colleagues, he established the full processes for Ge/III–V cell fabrication, enabling the realization of 40% efficient CPV cells.

Dr. Aimez’s research has led to more than 200 publications/conference participations and the setting up of innovative large scale collaboration opportunities between industry and academia on the international scene.