Le 19 juillet 2022, 13h30

1. Porous-Ge reconstruction: Thermally induced tuning toward layer transfer and substrate re-use
        Ahmed Ayari
, B.Ilahi, R. Arvinte, T. Hanus, L. Mouchel, D. Machon, et A. Boucherif
        Université de Sherbrooke

2. Analytical device physics model for the design and fabrication of a nanowire-based betavoltaic device
        Amanda Thomas et R. LaPierre
        McMaster University

3. Edge brightening and current mismatch loss in a bifacial photovoltaic test bed
        Annie C. J. Russell (1), C. E. Valdivia (1), J. E. Haysom (1,2), et K. Hinzer (1)
        (1) Université d’Ottawa (2) J.L. Richards and Associates Ltd.

4. Metallization on thin ITO film for heterojunction solar cell
        Erwan Thoux, M. Darnon, G. Hamon, et S. Nicolay
        Université de Sherbrooke

5. Mechanical properties of detachable Ge epilayer on reconstructed porous Ge
        Firas Zouaghi, A. Ayari, B. Ilahi, J. Chrétien, T. Hanus, N. Paupy, N. Quaegebeur, et A. Boucherif
        Université de Sherbrooke

6. Optical response of highly mismatched alloys
        Gavin M. Frodsham et J. Krich
        Université d’Ottawa

7. Transfer reinforcement learning for joint radio and computation resource allocation in 5G RAN slicing
        Hao Zhou
etM. Erol-Kantarci
        Université d’Ottawa

8. GaAs/Ge/Si nanovoided virtual substrate for low-cost III-V solar cells
        Henriques Jonathan, A. Heintz, B. Ilahi, R. Ares, et A. Boucherif
        Université de Sherbrooke

9. Transient liquid phase metallic bonding for InGaAs active layer epitaxial lift-off for solar cells application
        Martina Zanetti, J. Chretien, J.-L. Leclercq, P. Regreny, M. Darnon, et G. Hamon
        Université de Sherbrooke

10. Optimisation de la gestion énergétique des micro-réseaux hybrides photovoltaïque et diesel
        Mathieu Blanchard, A. Ali, J. Trovao, et M. Darnon
        Université de Sherbrooke

11. Probabilistic assessment of narrowband vs broadband solar irradiance temporal variability in Ottawa
        Nick Anderson (1), V. Tatsiankou (1,2), K. Hinzer (1), R. Beal (2), et H. Schriemer (1)
        (1) Université d’Ottawa (2) Spectrafy

12. Epitaxial growth of detachable III-V materials on mesoporous Ge substrate for layer transfer and substrate reuse
        Nicolas Paupy, B. Ilahi, T. Hanuš, V. Daniel, R. Arès, et A. Boucherif
        Université de Sherbrooke

13. Subcell segmentation: Development and evaluation of next-generation, high-efficiency, highly-tunable photovoltaic devices for the renewable energy transition and Industry 4.0
        Robert F.H. Hunter (1), C. E. Valdivia (1), L. S. Baribeau (1), A. W. Walker (1,2), et K. Hinzer (1)
        (1) Université d’Ottawa (2) Conseil national de recherches Canada

14. Fabrication of ultrathin Ge template for growth of high-performance III–V optoelectronic devices based on wafer-scale porous Ge
        Tadeáš Hanuš, B. Ilahi, J. Arias−Zapata, P.-O. Provost, A. Chapotot, et A. Boucherif
        Université de Sherbrooke

15. The calculation of the attenuation of optical signals transmitted through various weather types and cloud conditions
        Victoria Jancowski (1), K. Hinzer (1), et A. Atieh (2)
        (1) Université d’Ottawa (2) Optiwave